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Embraer Design System

Creation, conception and rollout of Embraer and Techcare's Design System.

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Embraer is an aviation company that manufactures various types of aircraft.

The company was going through a digital transformation aimed at integrating products and systems and bringing a product, design, and technology vision within the company in a scalable manner.

Understanding the problem

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The company has two main branches: Embraer and Techcare. Given the size of the company and the number of products and systems, the main pain points were:

  1.  There were too many interfaces lacking standardization.

  2.  Significant time investment: The process of developing new products and systems took a considerable amount of time.

  3.  There was no established design standard or library.

  4.  High investment: The company had to allocate significant resources to design and technology teams.

It is quite difficult because every project requires us to create the product or system from scratch, which demands a lot of time and money.

Michael Oliveira, Embraer's Design Lead


Based on the users' and business' pain points, the construction of the Design System was carried out in the following stages:

  1. Conversations with Embraer & Techcare stakeholders.

  2. Understanding the average Design & Development time.

  3. Mapping of all products and systems.

  4. Conversations with Designers & Developers to understand the main usability issues.

  5. Component inventory.

From the entire mapping process, we created a modular component library that could adapt to any product or system niche within Embraer & Techcare through theme swapping.

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The components were designed in a white label way, allowing them to adapt to any product and system. The Design Tokens system also enables theme swapping between components, allowing them to be used in both Embraer and Techcare interfaces without the need for redevelopment.


Once the library was created, it  time to apply it, creating a usage documentation to assist Designers & Developers.

We started the implementation on a new product, and in doing so, we compared the average Design & Development time without the Design System using retrospective data from task managers to the time it took to develop the new product with the new Design System.

Captura de Tela 2023-06-22 às 10.41.08.png

The MRO Consumer product served as the pilot product for the Design System, which would be used for the Embraer & Techcare interfaces.

We also developed a Design System Calculator for stakeholders to estimate the budget for new products and projects and understand how much time and money could be saved by using the Design and Development libraries.

calculadora ds.png


Design and Development time optimized by approximately 40%.

Time to market: new products being developed faster. 

Consistency across different products between Embraer and Techcare.

NPS (Net Promoter Score) increased from 40 to 70.

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